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biggest data breaches

6 Biggest Data Breaches in Australia

As we become more and more reliant on technology, the risk of data breaches increases. When it comes to data breaches, Australia is not immune.  In fact, in recent years there have been some major cyber attacks that have compromised the personal information of millions of people.  Data breach Australia 2022 includes some major events

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phishing email

Spotting Those Sneaky Phishing Emails

Even though we believe we know a lot about phishing emails, individuals continue to fall for them since phishing is one of the most prevalent forms of cybercrime. Hackers use phishing emails to get you to divulge your personal information. Your cyber security might suffer as a result. As a result, it’s critical to be able to

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AI for Cybersecurity: 10 Ways It Can Help Protect Your Company

AI can help to identify patterns in data that would be difficult for humans to spot, and it can provide a more holistic view of an organization’s security posture. Additionally, AI-based solutions can be updated more quickly to address new threats as they emerge. As the enterprise attack surface becomes increasingly complex, AI will play an essential role in helping businesses keep their data and systems safe.

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The importance of network security (2022* Guide)

In the era of the Internet, businesses have to be aware of the importance of network security in order to protect themselves from online security breaches. These breaches can have a major impact on businesses, leading to the loss of customer data, confidential information, and even money.

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10 Cybersecurity Statistics and Trends for 2022

Due to the fact that all businesses, no matter how big or little, corporations, organizations, and even governments now rely on computerized systems to handle their daily operations, cybersecurity has become a top priority to prevent data breaches from various cyber-attacks or any unauthorized access according to cyber security stats.

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A quick guide on how to avoid online scams

With the advancement of technology and a surge in digitization, the prevention of online crimes has become an issue with no clear-cut exit strategy. Organizations are losing millions of dollars worldwide today by being targeted by online scammers.

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